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If God Made the Universe, Who Made God?

Many skeptics ask, if God made the universe, who made God? The short answer is no one. The Bible teaches that God is uncaused and eternal (Exodus 3:14), that He has no beginning or end (Psalm 90), and that He was not created or made.

Asking the question, “Who made God?” is actually an example of what philosophers call a ‘category mistake.’ The very definition of God implies a being that is self-existent, uncaused, and eternal. If God could be caused to exist, then he would not be God. Asking, “Who made God?” is the same as asking, who made the unmade? Or what caused the uncaused? It’s similar to asking what does the colour blue taste like? Or where is the bachelor’s wife? These questions are illogical and meaningless.

Many skeptics contend that if God does exist, and everything has a cause, who then made God? However, Christians do not claim that whatever exists must have a cause, but rather whatever began to exist must have a cause. You and I, TVs, cars, and buildings are all examples of things that began to exist and therefore must have a cause. However, it is wrong to assert that everything that exists must have a cause. Take for example, mathematical truths: 2 + 2 = 4 wasn’t caused; it just is.

In answering the question, “Who Made God?” only 3 options exist. Either God is, caused, self-caused or uncaused. God cannot be option one, because whatever is farthest back is God. If what we call “God” is caused, then whatever caused Him must be God. Nor can He be option two because nothing pre-exists itself to start itself. God must be the third option – uncaused.

Our finite minds cannot comprehend or even express exactly how God is 'uncaused' or has always existed. We tend to think everything had to have a beginning, like us. Christian apologists Josh & Sean McDowell point out that even though “…our minds cannot fathom how God has always existed, this does not mean it is illogical to believe that it is so.” After all, if God does exist, our inability to fully comprehend His nature is to be expected because we are not all knowing as He is.

Thanks to a number of scientific discoveries made throughout the 20th century, we now know scientifically what the Bible has told us for millennia; the universe began to exist. The universe therefore must have a cause. This cause must be outside of the universe. It makes no sense to believe that the universe popped into existence all by itself from nothing; something does not come from nothing, being does not come from non-being, rationality does not come from irrationality. Nothing or no one made God. He is the necessary self-existent, eternal, uncaused first cause, the Creator who brought the universe into existence.

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