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Helping to share and defend the truth of Christianity
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What is Partnership?

Partnership is more than a donation, subscription or membership. As the name suggests, partnership is for those who feel led by the Holy Spirit to partner with Confident Faith. It's for those who believe in this ministry and its mission of sharing and defending the truth of Christianity, and who wish to see it continue, develop and prosper.

Confident Faith seeks to encourage Christian believers to develop a more confident faith; to not only know what Christianity is all about but also why it is true. Through our resources we aim to train and equip followers of Jesus with the knowledge, wisdom and practical skills needed for them to share their faith with confidence with friends, family members, work colleagues and neighbours.

In practical terms, partnership involves committing to a monthly financial gift to Confident Faith. Prospective partners can choose from a variety of partnership amounts. Monthly partnership amounts can be increased, reduced, or cancelled at any time. Every partner and partnership amount is greatly appreciated.

As mentioned above partnership is more than a subscription or membership. Partnership is all about supporting and investing in the vision and mission of Confident Faith. However, as our way of saying thanks, Confident Faith likes to provide partners with at least a few benefits/rewards for partnering.


Firstly, partners receive a monthly partners letter. Partner letters cover a variety of topics; from praise reports and prayer requests, to updates on works-in-progress, upcoming endeavours, and recaps of completed projects.

Secondly, partners enjoy exclusive access to bonus content. Extra videos and photos such as behind-the-scenes clips or specific thankyous and expressions of gratitude.

Thirdly, all partners enjoy a 10% discount every time they shop at the Confident Faith online store.

After signing up to be a partner of Confident Faith, all partnership features can be accessed via the partners page here on the Confident Faith website (click here).

All partners enjoy equal access to the features/benefits of partnership.

Thankyou for considering partnering with Confident Faith. If partnership is for you, click the 'partner now' button below to get started.

Partnership Features

Monthly Partner Letter

Exclusive Content

Partner Discount

How Partnership helps


Empowers Confident Faith to train and equip believers to share their faith with confidence.


Helps Christians keep the faith and fight intellectual doubts.


Confident Faith seeks to engage with truth seekers curious about Christianity.


Maintaining and upgrading equipment, such as, cameras, microphones, lights, computers, etc.


Further resources facilitate more thorough 

research and the production of future content.


Confident Faith hopes to one day host live events featuring world renowned apologists and theologians.


Finances to book leading apologists from around the world and other guest speakers on the Confident Faith Podcast.


Access to academic journals, graphic design software, and video editing programs.


Website fees, podcast hosting, domain name, IP licences, etc.


Business registration and compliance, licences, taxation obligations, etc.


Social media promotions, print media, other online advertising. 

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