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Confident Faith

Confident Faith
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Welcome to Confident Faith

Welcome to Confident Faith

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What is Confident Faith?

Confident Faith is a Christian apologetics and evangelism ministry. We exist to share and defend the truth of Christianity. We seek to engage with truth seekers curious about Christianity and Christian believers struggling with intellectual doubts about the Christian faith.

We hope to encourage Christian believers to develop a more confident faith; to not only know what Christianity is all about but also why it is true. Through our resources we aim to train and equip followers of Jesus with the knowledge, wisdom and practical skills needed in order for them to share their faith with confidence with friends, family members, work colleagues and neighbours. 

As a ministry we create a range of resources, such as articles, ebooklets, podcasts, and short animated videos in which we provide clear and concise answers to the most complex and challenging objections raised against Christianity. 

In 1 Peter 3:15 all Christians are commanded to always be prepared to make a defence to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, and to do so with gentleness and respect.


Are you curious about Christianity? Or eager to share your faith with others? Check out our resources, get confident, and start sharing your faith today! 

Cameron and Katelyn. Founders of Confident Faith.

Meet Cam & Katelyn


Cameron Grant, and his wife Katelyn, are the founders of Confident Faith. Their passion is to share and defend the truth of Christianity.


Cameron holds a Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University, and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from Leo Cussen Centre for Law. Cameron was admitted as an Australian Lawyer by the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2020. Katelyn holds a Bachelor of Management, majoring in Human Resource, from Deakin University.

Cameron and Katelyn live in Melbourne, Australia. Together they run Confident Faith and are heavily involved in their local church.


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